HOW TO GET GREAT WEDDING PHOTOS? 8 tips for couples by wedding photographer Marija Laća

Wedding photos are one of the most important things when it comes to your big day as they will hold your memories of that day forever. Amazing wedding photos are made out of a few secret ingredients, the first one being a professional wedding photographer. You have heard it already and it is true - a good photographer comes with a price, but it is worth it and it is not what you should try to save on.

A professional photographer with a good amount of experience is half of the answer to “how to get great wedding photos so do your research properly and gather feedback on photographers you are looking into booking. However, it is not all on the photographer - a lot of tricks and secrets to a successful wedding photoshoot lie in the couple themselves and good preparation.

Marija Laca, a professional wedding photographer from Croatia, is sharing 8 amazing tips for wedding photos that her client's love. Therefore, if you want to know how to get great wedding photos you will be proud to hang on your wall and show the next generations, keep reading.

Tip 1: Get to know your photographer before the wedding day

Seeing your photographer for the first time on your wedding day might result in a not-so-comfortable experience, simply because you might not be used to being photographed. Meet your photographer before and if possible, schedule an engagement shoot. It is an amazing opportunity to get to know each other and you will be a lot more relaxed during the wedding day photo shooting. “This is how my couples get to know me and my style a bit more, we discuss what they like or dislike and how they feel during the shoot”, says Marija. Plus, you will have great photos for your wedding website!

Tip 2: Think about your wedding day timeline

“It is crucial to leave enough time for your wedding shoot. For me, this is always an hour and I tend to plan it in with the couple during the golden hour, e.g. one hour before the sunset. The light will be just perfect which is really important for photographers”, says Marija. “Make sure you are not in a hurry but keep in mind that less time often brings better results than long-lasting shoots”.

So, go over your wedding day plan with your photographer to make sure she/he gets all the important information about crucial moments and then decide on the time of the photoshoot together.

Tip 3: Plan the location for a wedding photoshoot ahead

Planning ahead is a great time saver when it comes to wedding day photography. Scout for a great wedding photoshoot location close to your ceremony spot or venue and share it with your photographer before the wedding. “Finding one or two amazing locations, rather than several, will spare you driving around to reach each and losing precious time with your guests”, says Marija.

Tip 4: Create a list of wedding photos to take

Do you have wedding photos on your Pinterest board that you would like to recreate on your wedding day or that you are inspired by? Or you simply want to make sure you will not forget to take a photo with your friends, family, siblings etc.? Put it all down on your wedding photos must-have list and give it to your photographer. On your big day you will not remember everything you wanted and wished for but this way, your photographer will keep it in mind.

Tip 5: Prep your accessories and invitation sample for beautiful detail shots

Couples tend to focus on the wedding photo session but a simple preparation before your wedding day will ensure you get all those beautiful detail shots as well. Gather all your wedding accessories such as jewellery, ring box, shoes and perfume together with a sample of your wedding invitation with a wax seal or a ribbon (see how many invites should you order for this purpose). You can also ask your florist to bring the bouquet over, or give you a few flowers from the centerpieces. Give it to your photographer at the very beginning of the day so that he/she can take stunning detail shots and return it to you in time.

Tip 6: The pocket trick for grooms

“Here’s the one wedding photo tip any groom rarely ever thinks of: remove everything from the pockets”, Marija advises. “ I see this a lot photos being ruined this way, it’s far from flattering to see the outlines of your phone or car keys on a beautiful suit.” 

Tip 7: Make that first kiss last

“The first kiss is one of the most meaningful moments of the day. I always tell my clients to keep it just a few seconds longer”, says Marija. This way she makes sure she gets more than enough snaps and captures the reactions of guests too which is a huge part of the overall atmosphere in the photos.

Tip 8: Be yourself and enjoy the moment

“If you want to jump, kiss, run or hug during your wedding photoshoot - just do it! Us photographers will capture those candid moments and I guarantee, those will be your favorite snaps of the day”, says Marija. “My favourite photos of the wedding day are the ones where you can clearly recognize the emotion. The ones where the newlyweds are laughing, hanging out with people they love, going crazy on the dancefloor or simply sharing a meaningful look over a crowded room.” So, forget about the camera and if your hair looks great. The most important tip for stunning wedding photos is to simply enjoy the moment and be yourself with your partner, family and friends.

Photos: Marija Laca

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