4 RESONS TO SEND SAVE THE DATE CARDS before wedding invitations

Wedding save the date cards are gaining their popularity over the past few years - and there is a reason behind it. Sending a save the date card is a very convenient way to announce your big day way in advance without having to disclose too much information and details. It will allow you to plan and figure out the details around your wedding without a lot of pressure. And while it will help you, it helps your guests even more. By sending out save the date cards, you increase the chance to have all your invited guests attend the most important day of your life.

We have summed up 4 main reasons why you should send out save the date cards before the wedding invitations that will make you consider taking this decision. We also share our advice on when to send your save the date cards, which guests should receive them and what is the best way to send them. 

1 Your guests will be able to plan your wedding around other plans

The main goal is for all your beloved guests to come and be a part of your big day. In order to do so, you will want to give them enough time to organize themselves and plan ahead. Sending a wedding save the date card will allow them to pin your date into their calendar and perhaps even arrange other activities, holidays etc. around it. If you are planning a summer wedding, even more of a reason to send a save the date card. Summer is the peak wedding season and many of your guests might have more than a couple of weddings they plan to attend. So, the sooner you inform them of your date, the better!

2 Your guests will be able to plan holidays around your (destination) wedding

Sending a save the date card for a destination wedding is a must. Firstly, you want to give your guests enough time to arrange their travels. They will want to look into travel costs, transport options and accommodation. Secondly, many of them might want to make it a proper holiday trip and stay longer to travel around. So, if you are planning a destination wedding, save the date cards will play a crucial role for your guests in order to make their plans to attend.

3 You will be able to spend more time on wedding day timeline

We see this very often nowadays. Couples want to send their invitations early enough so that their guests can plan it in but they rarely have all necessary information that a wedding invitation should contain at that time. This might be the time of the ceremony or the start of the wedding party. It can bring in a lot of stress and often results in couples settling for a stressful wedding day timeline simply because they did accept the first possible options. Make it easier for yourself and send out your wedding save the date cards. The only thing you need to mention is the date and a location. Given that, you have provided all necessary information to your guests who can now mark your wedding date in their calendar. And you can relax and continue arranging all the other details that you will later include on a wedding invitation, which can now be sent even two to three months before the wedding day.

4 You will be able to make changes without having to inform guests about them

You have a certain idea of how your big day will go, you book everything - and then have to make changes to the wedding day timeline because something was cancelled, re-scheduled or similar. 

By sending a save the date card you simply give yourself more time to send out an official wedding invitation. The later you send a wedding invitation, the higher the chance you will not have to do any changes in your wedding day timeline. Take it step by step and don’t rush yourself into sending an invitation while you can send a simple and short announcement first. It might be your lucky escape in these kinds of unfortunate situations!

Who to send your save the date cards to?

It is really up to you if you wish to send save the date cards to all your guests or only to guests who simply need more time to plan it in - such as guests who live abroad or further away or those who are not very flexible with taking holidays. 

When to send your save the date cards?

The sooner, the better. You can send out your wedding save the date cards immediately after booking a venue as this sets your wedding date and your wedding location. This is usually 14 to 12 months before the wedding, sometimes even earlier. Ideally, you should send out your wedding save the date cards no later than 12-8 months before the wedding date. 

Something we suggest to all of our couples is to try to time it with a bigger holiday so that you can send a nice holiday card and save the date card in one - for Christmas, Easter or any other bigger holiday you and your family and friends celebrate. It’s a nice gesture and your guests will really appreciate it!

Post mail or email - how to send your save the date cards?

A physical card sent via post is always nicer to receive. Nowadays, when the post cases are full of bills and rarely anyone sends letters and cards, everyone loves to get a card via mail. So, if you have an opportunity and a budget, send it via post. If you have limited resources or you are running out of time, many stationery brands offer the service to create a digital version of your save the date card to send it via email, WhatsApp or similar. Here is how you can request both printed and digital format from our studio!

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