ORGANIC WEDDING is a new decor style you fall in love with

Back to the nature with organic wedding decor

The world is getting back to nature and so does the wedding industry - and we are so on-board with it. Even though we are not saying goodbye to the trendy greenery that marked 2019, we are saying hello to the new trend we are very excited about - organic weddings. Think natural colours and materials, combination of dry and fresh flowers, a pinch of rustic and boho with a sprinkle of industrial - organic decor will steal the heart of every bride looking for breathtaking styling for her wedding. Grab a cup of coffee and scroll through the inspirational board and decoration ideas we prepared for you!

Neutral colour palette for full organic wedding romance

Organic wedding decor celebrates beautiful shades of nudes, beiges, greys, browns and dusty blues mixed with classic white and a kick of black for that nice contrast. The neutral colour palette will add nothing but pure elegance and luxury to your wedding venue. You can, without any fear, go full force and the result will be stunning and your wedding photos will definitely win over that wedding Pinterest board you created.

One of the best ways to showcase the colour theme is through stationery - we suggest the plate setting featuring rustic beige cloths wrapped in blue cotton ribbons, holding a minimalistic place card with fine botanical illustration. There is definitely something special in the wedding being wrapped into soft and subtle, romantic colours, isn’t there?

Enhance warmth and coziness with natural materials and fabrics

Cozy can definitely still be luxurious and chic - and most importantly, it will make your guests feel more comfortable. Organic wedding decor enhances the beauty of natural appearance and textures of a variety of sustainable fabrics such as cotton, burlap (jute), hemp, and linen. Mixing and matching wood pieces in forms of logs, dish pieces, boxes for petal cones or blankets will add a bit of warmth to any venue, no matter if you chose an industrial old factory or a hotel venue. And finally, play around with tablescape decor ideas by using ceramic plates and bowls which look stunning combined with gold cutlery and fancy glasses.

Dried flowers - a great alternative to fresh flower decoration & bouquets

We love dried flowers as wedding table centrepieces or in a lovely bridal bouquet but we love it even more when mixed with fresh sorts, it is such a unique decoration approach to and looks just stunning. Dried flowers are a great option for weddings in autumn, winter and early spring season - not only they suit the outside weather but you might also save a fortune (and be able to buy that second pair of bridal shoes). If you are wondering what kind of dried flowers to consider, start from beautiful floral arrangements by Cvit Happens captured by Marija Laca. Their favorite species are Lunaria Annua, Dried Lagurus (Bunny Tails), Gypsophila, Cotton paired with lovely fresh roses from Parfum Flower Company. With a little bit of effort, you can also find organically grown and dried flowers.

How do you keep the organic wedding decor ideas chic and elegant,

without turning them into typical rustic or vintage style?

It is all about the healthy balance between more modern and trendy and “everyday”, more ordinary elements (which usually turn to be most unexpected ones). Here are just a couple of examples but feel free to get inspired by beautiful shots by Marija Laca in this post.

Upscale the wedding tables

Simply by adding beautiful gold or silver cutlery and nice crystal wine or cocktail glasses to the table, you will achieve the upscale, fancy look. To make sure not to go overboard with natural materials, you can opt for simple and minimalistic stationery elements. Our collection offers variety of classic and modern menu cards that can be paired with wax seals for extra glam, place (name) cards and wedding table numbers with modern fonts that can be either frames of clipped with a nice holder.

Don’t forget about the seating plan

To be a bit more on the glam side, for this styled shoot, we chose the plexiglass seating chart on wooden easel with cards and vintage gold wax seals. The plan was to leave it at that, however, as we re-used the plexiglass, we bumped into an issue of not being able to remove the old glue. Perfect timing to get creative! I started putting together little dried flower arrangements and we ended up with a totally unique seating plan everyone loved - and it served as a perfect announcement to the wedding theme.

It is all about small details

Do you have a photo booth or a cute cotton candy bar? Maybe a gin bar as this stunning one from Kofer? Perfect opportunity to add attention to small details. We always suggest our brides to consider printed labels representing each “corner” and in this case, they can be framed in gold or silver frames for a pop of elegance.

Organization: Organizator Vjencanja & Weddings in Croatia

Location: Studio Nebo, Zagreb

Floral Decor: Cvit Happens

Photographer: Marija Laca

Ceramics: Terra Ceramica

Jewellery: Perlet

Cake: Meet Mia Cakes

Wedding dress: Nebo

Suit: Varteks

Gin Bar: Kofer

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