5 WAYS TO STYLE WAX SEALS on your wedding invitations

We love wax seals on invitations and envelopes here at White & Glory! If you came from our invitations page, you can probably tell. Wax seals are not something new in our studio, I fell in love with this idea while making my own wedding invitations in 2018. When I decided to start what is today my favourite job in the world, I knew that wax seals will be an important part of our style and designs.

Wax seal is that finishing touch, a little sprinkle of luxury that no guest will forget. It makes invitations and envelopes unique and at the same time, it is a huge trend right now. And while today it serves as a decorative piece, let’s not forget it’s rich history of being an authentication method for paper documents, which really proves how important it is to have a unique wax seal stamp.

If you chose to include wax seals in your invitation design with your stationer or plan to do it on your own, keep reading. We are bringing you 5 beautiful and unique wax seal assembly ideas for your invitations and envelopes that will make you want to keep them all to yourself.

1. Wax seal on envelope

Wax seal on envelope is a timeless classic but still one of our favourite ways of incorporating these gems into wedding invitation design. It looks really elegant and let’s be honest, which guest would not love the envelope opening experience with such detail? If you think a simple, great-quality wax seal with a beautiful motive is too ordinary, combine it with thread or ribbon. You can achieve that perfect rustic appearance with burlap (jute) or twine thread or linen or cotton ribbon with unfinished edges. For a more luxurious feel, choose a romantic silk or delicate chiffon ribbon.

If you are shipping envelopes by post, you might want to stamp the wax directly on the envelope and avoid ribbons as they might get dirty and break. If you are stamping your wax this way and you are using a high-quality glue (choose glue gun wax over standard wax as it is more prone to breaking) from a trusted brand, you don’t have to worry about shipping them, they will come in one piece.

2. Wax seal in combination with vellum paper

Vellum paper came back as a big trend in wedding stationery and paired with a wax seal, it is simply stunning as it adds a little bit of mystery and romance. You can use vellum in many different ways but our two favourites (which we also offer to our clients) are in the form of a band or a sleeve around the invitation card, or the whole suite if there are more elements. Make sure to first wrap invitation cards into vellum and then carefully apply the wax seal. We always pre-make wax seals and stick them on later to avoid any kind of mess and damaging the invitation card itself. Here you can also add different kinds of ribbons and threads for a full fancy feel.

3. Wax seal on invitation card

Placing your wax seals on wedding invitation cards is a great option if you want it to look simple but striking - and skip any additional decoration elements. We love it on top of the card as it is very eye-catching and also acts as an official logo of your wedding. Play around and instead of one, use more motives or colours for a touch of diversity. You can also add a thin ribbon or thread underneath to make it extra special.

4. Wax seal with ribbon or thread

This technique will make your invitations look astonishing. You can get really creative here with lots of different accessories. Combine your wax seals with a nice ribbon, thread or a thin rope. Go a step further and add some dried or pressed flowers (make sure to use a durable sort of flowers such as baby breath) under the wax seal. It is really important to be neat and careful with this technique - the best way to go around it is to pre-make wax seals and glue them on your assembly with some paper in between for additional protection.

5. Wax seal on cardboard belt (belly)

Cardboard belts are used very often for wedding invitations suites to bind more cards together and make them look neat and nice. Of course, you don’t need a full suite in order to use it. It works just as perfectly as a simple decoration piece but in comparison to vellum, it gives you more colour and texture options. You can choose full colour cardboard, something with a nice texture, pattern or even paper with flower seeds that your guests will then plant at home (hello sustainability!).

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