The exciting time has come for you to order invites and in order to do so, you will need to provide the number of wedding invitations you need. You do have a rough idea on who to invite, but you are not sure how many wedding invitations you really need to order

A couple of weeks ago we shared a guide on when is the best time to order your wedding invitations and today we bring you really simple and easy tips to follow in order to determining the amount of wedding invitations you actually need. After reading this article, you will know exactly how many wedding invitations to order.

Count the households, not the guests

Most people will make a mistake by ordering wedding invitations by following a number of guests - and will end up with a lot of extra invitations and unnecessary spent budget. The key is to count households, not guests. You will want to send 1 invitation per household. The exception is if people in the same household are not a family but rather roommates, friends or similar. In that case, you will want to send an invitation to each person. If you are inviting a couple who does not live on the same address, it makes sense to send one invitation to one address and include the other person while addressing the invitation.

In general, we suggest to order an amount of invitations that equals about 60-70% of the number of your guests. Therefore, if you have 100 guests on your guest list, you will need about 60 to 70 invitations.

This is a rough estimate that can be applied to most weddings. If you have a lot of single friends, consider ordering a couple more just in case.

Order 10-15 extra wedding invitations - you will need them!

You might be wondering why or how many extra invitations should you order? We suggest all of our couples to always order 10-15 invitations extra on top of the above calculated amount. Here is a list of reasons and situations in which you might need an invitation or two:

Last-minute guests: 3-5 extra invitations

It is likely that you might change your mind and decide to invite a couple more people or simply forget someone while making the very first guest list draft. Printing such a small amount of invitations is really expensive and most wedding invitations and stationery brands and studios have a minimum amount you need to order and that is most often not below 30. Therefore, make sure you have at least a couple of invitations in case you decide to expand your guest-list.

Disappearance, damage or wrong addressing: 4-6 extra invitations

Yes, it definitely happens! If you are sending your wedding invitations by post, you might have to do the addressing part on the back of each envelope. Therefore, it is very handy to have a couple of extra invites just in case (and you ordered invitations closed with a wax seal!). Once you send them, some might get lost when out for delivery and you will have to re-send. It could even happen that you lose one or two in your own house or a car while driving around handing them out.

Don't forget yourself: 1-2 invitations

If you want to keep an invitation or two for yourself and insert it in your wedding album later on. Don’t count on any leftovers after handing them to your guests as the invitations might disappear faster than anticipated. It is better to be safe than sorry!

For your photographer: 1-2 invitations

Wedding invitations and any other kind of stationery are very welcome during the photo shooting sessions on your wedding day. Photographers love to combine them with your outfit, bouquet and other decor elements on the venue.

And there it is! Create a guest list, order an amount of wedding invitations that equals 60-70% of the number of your guests + 10 to 15 extra invites just in case. The only thing left is to enjoy handing them out.

Photo: Marija Laca

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