GREENERY WEDDING THEME GUIDE: bouquet, venue and table decor ideas

Greenery wedding themes have charmed brides and grooms all over the world in 2019 and has become,, without a doubt, one of the most popular wedding decor styles ever. It is fresh and elegant, it brings in nature and it looks stunning in every venue and season. And our favorite fact? Greenery wedding decor is here to stick for a long time and will just grow the upcoming 2020/20201 season.

We are bringing you the ultimate greenery wedding theme guide in collaboration with Cvit Happens, our amazing partner and well-known wedding & event decorator in Croatia and surrounding area. Get inspired by greenery wedding colour palettes, table decor, bouquets and stationery that will guarantee you a stunning venue (and photos!).

Curate your greenery wedding colour palette

Before anything, you will want to choose your greenery wedding decor colour palette. As any other colour, green can be warmer or cooler and each has its own perfect matches when it comes to other colours.

Cold green with a blue and grey undertone (think silver eucalyptus) pairs really well with dusty and light pink, burgundy, white, grey, navy blue and dusty, pastel blue. It works well in all seasons but is particularly great for winter as it can create a misty, subtle and non-saturated magical atmosphere.

Warm green (think ruscus) will definitely bring in more nature and looks amazing paired with warm colours such as yellow, orange, red and pink. It is perfect for warmer months, especially if you are planning a wedding in the forest, garden or any other outdoor area - it will just add perfectly to the surroundings.

Mirror your theme in simple greenery wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations are officially announcing your big day and are a perfect opportunity to give your guests a little sneak peak into your greenery wedding theme. Greenery invitations are the second most chosen style of invitations in our studio (after our classic monochrome models) which says a lot. Announce your Medditeranean wedding with an invitation design featuring an olive branch or eucalyptus illustration and pair it with a classic gold or silver wax seal, depending on what kind of metal accent you went for in your palette. If you are into more classic designs or maybe want to add some floral motives on your invitations, you can simply opt for what is our all-time most ordered envelope - deep olive green.

Follow the Greenery glossary for dreamy wedding bouquet and arrangements

Even though flowers might seem more difficult to pair together, greenery can sometimes be a challenge too. What greenery plants to mix and match, which flowers to pair it with and what is the recipe for a stunning greenery wedding bouquet?

We reached out to our long-time partners and dear friends, Ana and Antun from Cvit Happens, a Croatian brand specialized in wedding and event decor, and asked them for their professional advice. Besides amazing and valuable tips that will help every bride, they also shared their Greenery glossary - kind of an ultimate cheat sheet for amazing arrangements and bouquets!

Greenery wedding bouquet - classic, modern or boho?

The most important thing when it comes to a wedding bouquet is that it fits the bride's personality, says Antun. “If you love classic style, go for white roses combined with olive branches. For boho lovers, relaxed bouquet form full of mixed greenery and King Proteas will be a perfect choice. If you are dreaming about a modern wedding, choose a monochromatic bouquet made of the same undertone greenery.”

Select that one greenery statement piece

“We advise all of our Cvit couples to choose one WOW statement piece at their wedding. That can be a greenery wedding arch, hanging greenery constructions above the dance floor or photo-booth backdrop”, says Antun. He suggests beautiful pine branches in the form of a hanging construction in the venue itself or as a ceremony arch for a magical winter wedding while for the outdoor summer wedding, warm greenery with colorful wildflowers will look fantastic.

How to choose your wedding table centrepieces?

This one is not easy and many brides struggle finding the best balance when it comes to greenery wedding table centrepieces. Antun highlights that the size and texture are that red thread you should follow. “If you want a luxurious feeling, go for large leaves and a combination of maximum 3 colours in your arrangements. On another hand, if you want more of a relaxed looking venue, choose smaller arrangements made of different branch textures to achieve warmth and coziness. It does not have to be one arrangement, you can easily split them in multiple smaller vases and place them around the table”.

Garlands are also a great idea if your venue has long instead of round tables, and if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, opt for potted plants - they will steal all attention and you can later gift them to your guests or simply bring them back home.

The details that will bring your greenery wedding table decor together

Match your Greenery menu cards with table numbers

Menu cards and table numbers will not only be a source of information (and organization) for your guests but can that easily be a part of your greenery wedding decor. You can simply follow the design of your invitations with leafy graphics, add some fresh greenery to the plate or in the frame with the table number or play around with ribbons in different shades.

Choose textiles that match your greenery wedding theme

Now we are really going into details, but trust us - carefully chosen textile colour can really elevate the whole wedding table look. Choose some nice deep green ribbons to wrap the place cards around the neutral napkins - or the other way around - go for pastel green napkins on a simple, white, gold or silver plate and white table cloth. The options are limitless!

Bring back the romance with lit candles

Candles are sometimes such an underrated decor element so make sure that there are at least 2-3 candles at each table. We recommend a combination of pillar and taper candles in different green, white or grey shades that will look just beautiful in a nice silver, gold or crystal candle holder.

Photos: Marija Laca

Venues (in Croatia): Imanje Marincel , Heart by Lido, Restoran Muzej (MUO)

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