There is simply no more romantic way to announce your big day than with an elegant floral wedding invitation. Floral invites are undeniably gorgeous and the range to choose from is endless - you can go for bold, colourful, monochrome, subtle… It can be anything from a rich, artistic design to a very minimalistic and simple floral wedding invitation. And no matter if you have a rustic, boho or very modern wedding theme in mind, you will always find your perfect floral match. 

Today we bring you 5 elegant floral invitation trends that we will be loving in 2021

And the best thing? They are already available on our website! You only need to find your favorite.

1 Minimalistic, single-flower invitations

Subtle, minimalistic floral invitations came back this year and more and more brides are choosing this elegant and romantic style. A bit more decorated than a classic “only text” invitation, but not overly crowded - simple floral wedding invitations showcase a perfect balance. A central floral illustration in pencil or ink technique will beautifully announce any wedding style. A real timeless option!

Invitation on the image: Always & Forever

2 Vintage wildflower invitations

Wildflowers are seen more and more in wedding venue decoration - and now on invitations as well. This is absolutely one of our favorite trends in floral invitations. It is different, with a slight vintage tone to it, but very contemporary when combined with modern fonts. This is a perfect choice for couples who are planning a beautiful outdoor wedding in a garden or a forest.

Invitation on the image: Little Things

3 Watercolour floral invitations in large patterns

Watercolour floral wedding invitations have been popular for quite a while - and they are here to stay. However, the focus will really be on those large, bold patterns which give the invitation a real artistic feeling. It is almost as you would choose a canvas with a floral painting and use it as a background to your invitation. Is there a better way to announce a spring or summer wedding?

Invitation on the image: Tulip Fever

4 Floral wreath invitations with delicate illustrations

Floral wreaths are a common choice amongst engaged couples as they really do add some special romantic feeling to the invitation. We have seen them in all shapes and sizes but for 2021, we will be loving very minimalistic and delicate pencil wreath illustrations. This is another timeless choice that will work perfectly for weddings in any season or style. 

Invitation on the image: Wildflower Dream

5 Asymmetric and decentralised floral invitations 

In the past years we have seen a lot of central text placements surrounded by symmetrical floral illustrations and now we are moving onto a more relaxed composition. Non-centralized text and graphics are beautiful and charming while asymmetrical floral arrangements bring some dynamic and playfulness to the floral wedding invitation. Perfect imperfections! 

Invitation on the image: Pastel Garden

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